Thursday, January 16, 2014

"War" Wounds

Sometimes, like a skirmish in combat, my experiences in the kitchen are a bit risky.  Although at first glance, it seems unlikely that baking--an activity I consider soothing--could be hazardous.  Especially if you watch the professional chefs of television fame who can easily whip up a miracle in a 30-minute time slot.

But for someone like me, who's not so graceful, it's a bit more dangerous--hence the "Bumble" in my blog name.  For example, the oven alone serves as a treacherous obstacle course that constantly threatens lasting scars.  Between the two metal grates, that seem to move toward me as I reach for a cake placed just a little too far into the oven, and the door that creeps up slowly as if to challenge my skills in removing a batch of cupcakes, we've developed a love-hate relationship.  Of course I love that my gas-powered oven gives me impeccable results every time!  But the burns I incur as a result of my clumsiness drive me to curse its consistent heat.

Although the occurrences have settled down in frequency, at one point I was burning myself at least once a week.  The scars on several fingers, my left forearm and my right wrist all serve as a reminder of who's really in charge of my battlefield--and that oven means business!  My boyfriend commented that I need to find a Nascar-style suit that protects me from head to toe--which undeniably would not only be an investment in safety but could be really cool if styled in the Cravings colors of teal and chocolate brown!  While we're at it, I would want a matching helmet so I don't hurt my head when I bump it--told you I was clumsy!  On second thought, that idea's not realistic for restroom breaks and I really do appreciate the comfort of baking in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

So for now I just remind myself that even the most benign of entrepreneurial efforts incur risk.  For some it's a financial risk that threatens success.  For others it's the risk of failure that drives the business owner to sweat every decision to the point of paralysis.  To combat those risks there are infinite resources.  No doubt there are countless books claiming to hold the key to small business success.  And who knows, maybe one of them is actually right!

But for me, the true measure of success is found in an excited toddler when I deliver their birthday cake or the photos of a Cravings Cupcakery wedding cake that will forever be part of a couple's special day.  These emotional moments in my client's lives resonate in my oven burns.  Those scars are my war wounds and they represent the hours of hard work, creativity and passion dedicated to each client's custom order.  And so, the battle between baker and oven continues.  I'm goin' in!

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